Niji no Conquistador appears at Tokyo Idol Festival 2017

Niji no Conquistador also known as NijiConor 2zicon, themed around illustrating, cosplay, and voice acting, is a Japanese idol group formed in 2014.The theme of the idol group is : “Every day is a Culture Festival”. The girls unit are split into Red Team and Blue Team (Sagittarius Meteor Shower). The Yellow Team became an independent idol group which took the name of Beboga! The idol group appears at Tokyo Idol Festival 2017 in Odaiba, Tokyo.

Niji no Conquistador also pronounced “ Conquistador del arcoiris” made their debut in July 2014 for Tsuku-dol!Project. Tsuku-dol!Project, taken place by pixiv Inc., that operates illustration based social networking service called pixiv. Tsuku-dol! Project is an organization that aims to raise idols, voice actors, illustrators, cosplayers, and creators. They are assisted by powerful creators from various fields: music written by Ken’ichi Maeyamada, choreography by Natsumi Takenama(PASSPO☆, Yumemiru Adolescence) , costume design by Mel Kishida, creative direction from Maiko Fukushima, and special advising by Seiji Mizushima. Tsuku-dol! Project comes from the online illustrators communication service pixiv. In the music department they are aided by songwriters and choreographers who have worked with PASSPO and UPUPGIRLS KARI.

Niji no Conquistador members are Minari ,Yuka ,Nonota ,Hiyori ,Emiri, Akari ,Nanami, Nagi, Karin ,Nana ,Moe and Mizuki .The members are all youthful with date of births ranging from 1996 to 2001.

[Niji no Conquistador | TIF 2016]

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