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Dempagumi inc. go beyond boundaries?

[Innocent Lilies (Shiro-majo gakuen) trailer – w/ Dempagumi.inc]

Dempagumi.inc  is a Japanese female idol group from Akihabara, Tokyo. Their music generally follows the style of denpa song. All members are said to be former otaku. The group was formed in 2008 and currently consists of six members as for 2016, used to be performing daily on Akihabara’s DearStage live bar. In December that same year they released their debut single, “Mirror Magic?”, under the indies label DearStage Records as Dempagumi. Then in 2010 they released their major debut, the joint single “Kiss+kiss de Owaranai / Star☆tin'”, under the label Lantis. In 2011, they changed labels once again to MEME TOKYO before releasing the single “Future Diver”.  You may enjoy  videos relevant to their film in 2013, their live performance at Japan Expo 2015 etc. on this page.

  • Members (Assigned colour)

Mirin Furukawa – Red
Risa Aizawa – White
Nemu Yumemi – Green
Eimi Naruse – Yellow
Moga Mogami – Purple
Ayane Fujisaki Blue

[Dempagumi.inc / Making of Harajukujoshi Vol.2]

[Dempagumi.inc Japan Expo 2015]

[Dempagumi inc. Japan Expo in Paris]

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