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Nanami “Nanamin” Hashimoto, Nogizaka46’s cool sister

When it comes to a member with cool image in Nogizaka46, our choice may be divided into two, either Nanamin, or Wakachu (Wakatsuki Yumi). The difference between the two is Nanamin has cool older sister type of cool, compared to Ikemen or cool guy type of cool as Wakachu’s.

Nanamin announced her graduation on October 20 this year, the decision was so shocking due the fact that she will completely stop her career in the entertainment industry.

So let’s know more about Nanamin!. Nanami Hashimoto was born in Hokaido, on February 20, 1993. Attracted to rock music, Nanamin is also fond of reading and watching basketball matches. Nanamin is an exclusive model for “cancam”, a fashion magazine based in Tokyo. Nanamin loves art and is known for the unique artistic style, she actually studied spatial and interior design at Musashino Art University, one of Japan’s top arts universities.

100 things about Nanami

Despite her cool persona, Nanamin can be funny too!, here’s the clip when Nanami made a PR for an imaginary song about a barbeque!.


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