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Tearful story of Nanami Hashimoto’s graduation from Nogizaka46

Nanami Hashimoto is a member of Nogizaka46, and was selected as the choreographic center position for the first time at the group’s 16th single “Sayonara no imi (The meaning of Good-bye)”. Now at a later time, a big news for the Japanese Idol industry was announced. Mercy, she decided to graduate, which means leaving the group as well as from an entertainment industry on her birthday on February 20th, 2017.

[Nogizaka46 “Sayonara no imi (The meaning of Good-bye)”]

Nogizaka46 fans grieved her farewell after the news spreading to the globe. Moreover, the reason of decision to leave Nogizaka46 may make you cry. This is her comment on a TV program;

“Since the beginning, in fact, most of the motivation I joined Nogizaka46 was simply because of money, you know. I am from very poor family, to such an extent that even water and gas supply used to often be shut off because of delinquency of payment, of course. I was the oldest child and always felt like I had to look after my younger brother to send him to go to school. I was thinking what I could do at my age, then after alI I decided to become an idol.”

Nanami Hashimoto began to tear up while she was talking about her tough story in her childhood. At last her brother has grown up and has been enrolled into a college. Her mother recently wrote her a letter telling her not to worry about supporting hima and her family. Her brother is now independent and her mother is able to look after herself. Therefore with her mother’s advice via the letter, Hashimoto finally made a big decision to leave the industry with a clear conscious.

Only several days remaining for her graduation. So all we can do is cheering herself up.

・About Nanami Hashimoto

Hashimoto passed the first generation auditions for Nogizaka46 in August 2011. Her audition song was Under Graph’s Tsubasa. She was chosen as one of the select members for their debut song Guruguru Curtain released on February 2012.

From April to June, 2013, she starred as the heroine in NTV’s drama Bad Boys J. Also in July 2013, she appeared as a recurring role in Fuji TV’s Getsuku drama Summer Nude. Hashimoto made her film debut in Bad Boys J: Saigo ni Mamoru Mono which was released on November 9, 2013.

On March 23, 2015, she was chosen as an exclusive model for the women’s fashion magazine CanCam with Sayuri Matsumura who is also a first generation member of Nogizaka46. Since April 2015, she appears on the Tokyo FM radio show School of Lock! in the 3rd week of every month. On August 28 of the same year, she released her first photobook Yasashii Toge. It ranked the first on the Oricon book ranking in the photobook category selling 21,000 copies in the first week. It also ranked the fourth in the book category. She is the third member to release a photobook in the group following Mai Shiraishi and Nanase Nishino.

On February 25, 2016, her own intellectual entertainment show Nogizaka46 Hashimoto Nanami no Koi Suru Bungaku premiered on Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting. In that show, she introduces a novel on the theme of Hokkaido where she grew up. She was selected as the choreographic center for the first time for the group’s 16th single Sayonara no Imi that is scheduled to be released on November 9, 2016. On October 20, 2016, she announced her retirement from both Nogizaka46 and the entertainment industry during the midnight radio show Nogizaka46’s All Night Nippon.

[-Nanami Hashimoto Photo Movie-]

[Nanami Hashimoto – Nogizaka46 – B.L.T. Quarterly Nogizaka Vol.3 – TNS August 2014]


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