Idol College

Idol College is a Japanese idol group formed in 2009 and currently consists of 19 members. They can be split into I Team, C Team and Up’s College as below the member list.

The group formed in 2009 under the name B.L.T. Idol College as the idol project for the magazine B.L.T.. The group released their first single, entitled “Koi na no Desu / Yume wo Oikakete”, in December 2009. However, a couple months later on March 31, 2010, all the members graduated from the group. A day later, the group was renamed IDOL COLLEGE and featured new members.

Their single “Be My☆Zombie” reached the sixth place on the weekly OriconSingles Chart. The title song from their single “True End Player” was the ending song of the 2014 video game Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Century and the title song from their single “Ichizu Recipe” was the opening song of the 2015 anime television series Shomin Sample.


I Team

  • Nakajima Yui
  • Tomita Julia
  • Kawato Anju
  • Kanda Hina
  • Konno Honoka
  • Izuhara Momo
  • Okazaki Ichigo

C Team

  • Minami Chisato
  • Ebihara Yuka
  • Ishizuka Shioka
  • Kawaoto Nozomi
  • Agasawa Ayano
  • Tozawa Mai

Up’s College

  • Kagesawa Rina
  • Kondo Kanna
  • Sato Haruna
  • Tadokoro Shiori
  • Kawaji Yuna


  • Kaminaguchi Himeka


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