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Sashihara Rino Produce =LOVE Debut in September

Sashihara Rino’s idol group =LOVE is going to make their CD debut on September 6.The brand-new idol group held their own mini-concert in Aeon Mall Makuhari on 13 August 2017.

=LOVE held their first performance on August 5 at “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2017” in Odaiba. One if the member Yamamoto Anna promised, “It’s really early for us to make our major debut, but we will do our best not to disappoint everybody!

Written by Sashihara, “=LOVE” is described as a refreshing idol song with a sense of speed. After watching their performance, Sashihara commented, “I saw how hard everyone was working! [As a producer,] I hope to do my best to grow with the members. I want to create an ideal idol, so I wrote this song the way I like it. It’s a song that portrays a fan’s feelings when they meet their favorite idol, so I want not only =LOVE fans. All idol fans to listen to this song.

Rino Sashihara-san of the idol group “HKT48” attended a publical interview for sucessful applicants of “Rino Sashihara Produce Voice Idol Audition” held on April 29 in Tokyo.

Shiraha-san introduced 13 girls with an average age of 16.7 chosen by himself/herself, and also announced the name of band as”= LOVE (equal love)”.

About the band name, Sashihara explained that “We chose this name since Idols should be loved by fans”

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