Tokyo Idol Festival 2017 Official Movie and International Report

Tokyo Idol Festival (TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL, also abbreviated as TIF) is an annual event featuring live performances from female solo idols and idol groups from all over Japan. The festival has been held since 2010 in Odaiba, Tokyo.

2010 marked the year when the phrase ‘Idol Sengoku Jidai (Civil War Period)’ appeared, and the idol boom redeemed its heat in all over the country. It was also the first time in Japan that an idol-specialized large-scale multiple-stage music festival–TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2010 held in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

The event was held every year thereafter, with last year’s TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2016 being the 7th festival, where the stages has been shifted to Odaiba, Tokyo. The unprecedented 3-day event made a record of attracting more than 70,000 people, from which you may feel like its expansion and growth of the Japanese idol scene in the country.

In 2017, as for the 8th festival, Rino Sashihara from AKB48, an active idol and leading figure of the idol scene, assumed her post of chairman for TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2017. TIF 2017 is held on August 4 (Fri), 5 (Sat) and 6 (Sun).

Please check out the Line Up, tickets are also available via Official Website.

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