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Nogizaka46 Earns Second Million Certification

The Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) has unveiled its “Gold Disc” certifications for August 2017, yes, its Nogizaka46’s Nigemizu. Music CDs with over 100,000 shipments are officially certificated as a “Gold Disc” in Japan.

Released Aug. 9, 2017, Nogizaka46’s 18th single, Nigemizu, earned its second million certification within a month of its release, preceded by Influencer, which dropped earlier this spring. “Nigemizu” translates to “road mirage,” and third-generation members Momoko Ozono and Yuuki Yoda held the center positions in the song’s choreography.

1st week sales: 880,018 copies
2nd week sales: 51,736 copies
3rd week sales: 37,903 copies
4th week sales: 15,768 copies

The featured members for the title song, which means “road mirage,” were announced recently in their regular TV program Nogizaka Kojichu(which literally means “Nogizaka under construction”), and the center positions in the choreography will be held by third-generation members Momoko Ozono and Yuuki Yoda.

Their latest release is also notable in that three of its songs are already set to be featured in three different campaigns simultaneously, which is a first for the chart-topping group.

“Onna Wa Hitorija Nemurenai” will be featured as the image song for the movie Wonder Woman to be released in Japanese theaters on Aug. 25. “Hitonatsu No Nagasayori” will be the theme song for the annual Fuji Television summer event Odaiba Dream World 2017, and “Naitatte Iijanaika?” will promote NTV’s 37th Annual All Japan High School Quiz Championship.

The single also contains “Live Gami,” sung by second-generation members for the first time in a year and two months since “Kakigori No Kataomoi” included in the group’s second album “Sorezore No Isu.” It also contains “Mirai No Kotae” by third-generation members and “Under” by the so-called “under members,” first-generation members who unfortunately weren’t selected to sing the title song.

Four different types of limited first editions (A-D) plus the regular version will be released. Their previous single, “Influencer,” sold just over a million copies.

[Nogizaka46 | Nigemizu TV Studio Live]

[Nogizaka46 | Nigemizu Music Video Clip]

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