Nogizaka46 Nogikoi Real 2016 PV released

Nogikoi is the RPG on iOS and dating Sim. The setting is that you as player are alone male student at high school with Nogizaka46 members. You are also supporter Nogizaka46 to be super idol group at the same time, well, and with which member you will be fallen in love…?

Nogizaka 46 romance simulator is an odd mix of daydream fantasy and unintentional cynicism.

Marketing Japanese idol singers is a tricky business. The most profitable method is to cultivate an image and atmosphere that makes fans feel an emotional, often romantic attraction to them, and as such the ever-perky vocalists can’t be seen appearing standoffish or dismissive of such sentiments. At the same time, an idol who openly accepts and reciprocates such feelings of attraction by dating or having a steady boyfriend runs the risk of alienating the most obsessive and lucrative strata of her supporters.

As such, talent agencies usually have to walk a very fine line in how they manage their idols. The producers of a new mobile game starring the members of idol group Nogizaka 46, though, are jumping back and forth across that fine line with aplomb.

[Nogikoi 1st Anniversary Shiraishi X Nishino TV CM]

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