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Kamen Joshi meaning Masked Girls

[Kamen Joshi – GENKIDANE☆ English Subs]

Kamen Joshi, meaning “Masked Girls” in Japanese language, is a Japanese girl group consisted of three smaller teams with several members for each. They are called “Masked Girls” because each member of the group basically wears a mask which covers up their face not to reveal the identity to the public. In reality, they do take off their masks when they need to show off their face on TV and other medias. Unlike normal idols, it is easier for fans to go out and see the girls while Kamen Joshi performs daily at the P.A.R.M.S theater in Akihabara.

Kamen Joshi became the first independent female artist to achieve a number-one single on the Oricon Weekly Singles chart in January 2015, achieving sales figures of over 130,000 copies of their single “Genkidane☆”.

  • Members

The group includes the members of Alice Juban, Steam Girls and Armor Girls, three separate groups with their own distinct images and sounds. All three groups regularly perform at their exclusive Alice Project theater in Pasela, Akihabara.

Alice Juban

The first of the Kamen Joshi groups to be formed, Alice Juban’s music often includes metal breakdowns and rap sections. All members wear Jason-style hockey masks and wield a selection of prop weapons ranging from chainsaws to giant scissors.

  • Anna Tachibana
  • Nodoka Sakura
  • Kanon Mori
  • Nanaka Kawamura
  • Yuki Sakura

Steam Girls

Steam Girls was formed as Alice Juban’s official sister and rival group. Though their first song “destiny” was a pop-rock number, since the release of “HIGH and LOW” in 2013 their music has come to incorporate more sounds from electronic and dance music. The members wear gas masks and leg warmers in a style combining elements from steampunk and cybergoth fashion. On stage, they carry distinctive prop guns that fire laser beams and clouds of dry ice together, creating a vivid on-stage effect.

  • Sara Kurose
  • Erina Kamiya
  • Mai Mizusawa
  • Mana Sakamoto
  • Yuuka Kojima
  • Ume Koume

Armor Girls

Armor Girls was formed after Alice Juban and Steam Girls had already released two singles as Kamen Joshi, making them the most recent addition to the group. Their masks are medieval armour helmets with visors, and they carry prop swords. Musically, Armor Girls’ songs incorporate elements from Irish and Celtic folk music, leading to a unique sound they call “mori rock”, or “forest rock”.

  • Hinako Kuroki
  • Misa Kubota
  • Moa Tsukino
  • Mayu Kusunoki
  • Hitomi Momose
  • Maki Kitamura

[Kaman Joshi Alice Juban -Zenkai☆Hero PV Full]

[Kaman Joshi Steam Girls Live Performance at Akihabara]

[Kamenjoshi『What kind of swim suit does Kamenjoshi wear?』 Kanon Mori Personal Camera JUNKETSU]

[Kamen Joshi -「GENKIDANE☆」Live Opening]

[Kaman Joshi Steam Girls -HIGH and LOW PV Full]

[Kamen Joshi -GENKIDANE☆ Live at Akihabara]

[Kamen Joshi Personia Live at Akihabara]

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