Sakura Gakuin announce “Reading Lesson” Open Class on 13 August

Sakura Gakuin announced a new activity for Sakura Gakuin 2017 students. “Reading Lesson” Open Class will take place on August 13th. Sakura Gakuin will held another Open Class, this time “Reading Lesson” at Hamagin Hall Via Mare on August 13. The lecturer for the Open Class will be Noriko Hazuki. The class will include recitation performances, reading aloud and more. The Classes will be held in three different periods with different students.

Sakura Gakuin is a Japanese idol girl group formed in 2010 by the Amuse talent agency. The group typically contains between 10 and 12 members at a time who fall between the ages of 10 and 15. Sakura Gakuin employs a line-up changing system in which older members leave the group and new members join each year. Since the group’s theme is that of an elementary and junior high school, when a member graduates from junior high, she leaves Sakura Gakuin as well, during a ceremony the group holds around the end of the Japanese school year in which these members “graduate”. The group releases a video of this ceremony annually, as well as a yearly album.

Sakura Gakuin “Reading Lesson” Open Class: 

1st Class: Momoko Okazaki, Marin Hidaka, Kano Fujihira, Momoe Mori

2nd Class: Megumi Okada, Yuzumi Shintani, Soyoka Yoshida, Miku Tanaka

3rd Class: Aiko Yamaide, Maaya Asou, Tsugumi Aritomo, Mike Yagi

Pre-sale tickets started on July 10th. Also general ticket sales started on July 30th.

For more details:

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