Yumemiru Adolescence Music Video Clip Collection

Yumemiru Adolescence is a Japanese idol girl group under Sony Music Associated Records, formerly under the indie label Happinet and Tambourine Artists agency. The group was established in 2012 gathering five famous junior fashion magazine Popteen models, Karin Ogino (19), Akari Yamada (18), Yuumi Shida (18), Rei Kobayashi (17), and Kyouka (15). The leader is Ogino Karin.

Their single by Yumemiru Adolescense “Maijene!” reached the fourth place on the weekly Oricon Singles Chart. Please check it out their archives! They are of course on stage at Tokyo Idol Festival 2017.

The girls are also actresses and models for the Japanese fashion magazine Pichi Lemon. Their goal is to become famous actresses while continuing their musical career.

Yumemiru Adolescence released their debut single Hajimete no Kagayaki in August 2012. he girls will wear clothes designed by Teshima Yukihiro’s brand. This event is part of the Amazon Fashion Week Tokyowhich takes place in Omotesando Hills.



[Yumemiru Adolescence | Fantastic Parade]

[Yumemiru Adolescence | Summer Nude Adolescence]

[Yumemiru Adolescence | Leadership]

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