NMB48 Sayanee Sayaka Yamamoto’s Gravure and Solo Video Clips

Sayaka Yamamoto (born July 14, 1993 in Osaka Prefecture) is a member of the Japanese idol girl group NMB48, where she serves as the captain of Team N. Yamamoto participated for the first auditions for NMB48, and was selected along with 15 other girls. The group debuted on October 9, 2010 as Team N. In 2011, she and NMB48 member Miyuki Watanabe were the first NMB48 members to participate in an AKB48 single: “Everyday, Katyusha”. On February 10th 2015, Sayaka Yamamoto released her second photobook titled “SY” which sold 42,779 in its first week of sales according to the Oricon sales charts. The high sales volume prompted a second-printing of the gravure photobook. This marks a personal best for Yamamoto as her first release Sayagami, released in November of 2012, topped the sales charts at #3 with 28,000 copies sold in it’s first week of release. The gravure photobook features photos by Leslie Kee, a Singaporean photographer best known for his striking nude portraits, who is based in Japan and has previously shot Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell and Beyonce Knowles.

  • Solo album

Sayaka Yamamoto of NMB48 released the first solo album “Rainbow” on October 26. The album includes song(s) written and composed by herself and ones provided by great acts such TAKURO of GLAY, Shikao Suga, and more. Also features Seiji Kameda (ex-Tokyo Jihen) as a sound producer, at number 3 on the Oricon weekly singles chart. Yamamoto becomes the second NMB48 member to make her solo debut, after Watanabe Miyuki who released a solo single after winning the “AKB48 Group Janken Tournament 2014.”


[HD NMB48 – Must be now LIVE Sayaka’s center]

[LIVE/ NMB48 AKB48 SKE48 HKT48 Sayaka Yamamoto]

[AKB48 Group Summer Festival Sayaka Yamamoto Solo]

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