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Perfume in terrestrial drama for the first time

[Perfume in a TV drama]

Perfume will appear on 2 night special drama titled “Pensées”. This will be their first lead roll on a terrestrial TV drama. Broadcasting station is TV TOKYO. Script “is field pork “watermelon”. By original of Izumi Kisara known as works such as o produce “Fuji families” title “pansee.” “Pansy” is story of three girls in French.

24:52 – 25:23 on March 31, 2017
25:15 – 25:45 on April 1st, 2017

Producer at Makoto Abe person of TV TOKYO, programming division drama production department who talked three people who “were not able to readily decide” (notchi) into love tenaciously “think that is surprised at Perfume fan and Izumi Kisara fan and the industry. At first we broadcast only in TV TOKYO quietly, but confidence is plentiful saying even one is happy if many people can see.

Perfume is an all-girl electro-pop trio from Hiroshima who debuted locally in 2001 and nationally in 2005. At first, Perfume had a hard time finding an audience or any success. They started off with a more traditional idol pop sound and gradually shifted more and more into the electro-pop they are known for today. It wasn’t until the release of their 10th single “Polyrhythm” that the group was elevated to a new level of popularity. Today, they are a top seller in the J-pop industry and are consistently releasing hits.

  • Comment by Perfume

We who did only song as Perfume for 17 years. TV Tokyo to bring in the present timing thought story not to really change (laugh). Book which Kisara put and wrote and did was interesting again, and, with duty that arrested core of with wonder and us, it was in work which we could imagine, “three of us were not Perfume”. The scene laughing at donchan, okamido, noribuuga is already Perfume (laugh). When appear, sell, and perform konnatokodemo; shame zukashi…When it was gift of 17 years, we thought. As you did it hard, please watch in one of the memories of activity of Perfume. Hey, we are ashamed (laugh).

We will work as the lead of drama for the first time this time…We are tense in toiukono words itself! (laugh) was uneasy whether could not believe, and we might do, and was full first when Kisara and the staff of script gave story to. But there may not be that we can have such a chance in future! And there are people saying “!”. We will challenge when we want to believe the thought. When we photographed, strain mingled with Waku Waku and throbbed so that it was said to sound, “we hear heartbeat very much” (laugh). Three people who but are different such as Perfume which we always see want to change trouble, something in the present conditions and the future, and they begin to move. We are glad when you can watch warmly as it is to such a drama which is laughable though it is slightly sad, and fits kindly.

Unknown. Unknown. Were you surprised? No, than it! I! We are surprised! Until, from sun which we heard when Kisara seems to write story to three of us, we accept talk. We were troubled to be troubled that such a happy thing was with twice, and burr, we of music field set foot, and to be troubled with so and so, three whether it was the good world. Let’s do it! We suffered after having taken to hand although being a pleasure and wrestled hard. We come to like reading if we read with really wonderful script. Story that was born from us. It is lifetime treasure. It is very happy to have come by manufacturing among wonderful people together.

[Perfume New Single TOKYO GIRL]

[Perfume ♪ TOKYO GIRL/TV-mix]

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