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Nanamin Nanami Hashimoto’s graduation from Nogizaka46


The graduation concert of Nanamin, Hashimoto Nanami of popular idol group, Nogizaka46, was held at Saitama Super Arena at the group’s 5th Year Birthday Live on Febrary 20 2017.  She said in the final speech with tears,” I believe my decision is right, thanks and hope everyone is well and happy.” She sang her last solo “Naimononedari”.

She also finished up with the comment on her regular radio show, “I loved being radio personality, this is the job I really wanted to do so I ask the staff for me to try. I feel sad to say goodbye to everyone and of course, will miss Nogzaka46, but this is the end for myself because that’s my decision. I have already started my new life. Good luck to everyone.”

Nanami Hashimoto (born February 20, 1993 in Asahikawa, Hokkaido) was a Japanese idol singer, model and former member of the Japanese idol girl group Nogizaka46. Nanami has modeled for fashion magazine, CamCam since 2015. She has made appearances in dramas such as Bad Boys J and Summer Nude. Along with her graduation announcement, Nanami expressed her intent to leave the entertainment industry and to live her life as a normal girl.

The first generation Nogizaka46 member Nanami Hashimoto announced through the radio program that she would graduate from the group and retire from the entertainment industry on February 20, 2017.

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