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Keyakizaka46 Ponkotsu Janken Battle

This video footage was the part of the Keyakizaka46 regular TV program called  “Keyakitte Kakenai?”, ”Ponkotsu janken Battle” in  which the two idols played  Japanese game ” Tataite Kabutte Jyankenpon”  against each other.  ”Tataite ” means ‘to hit’, whereas ”Kabutte” means ‘to Put on (a helmet)’, so the game looks similar to a ’hit or defense’ rock paper scissor game.

The member on the right hand side is Rika Watanabe( Berika), and on the left hand side is Neru Nagahama( Neru). They are the clumsiest members of the group, so you can find the video they play very funny.




Some comments by Japanese fans are as below.


“Neru is too slow!!”

“Berika hits too weakly.”

“Both of them are funny! “

・About Neru Nagahama and Rika Watanabe


Neru Nagahama( born in September 4th, 1998, Nagasaki in Japan) and  Rika Watanabe (born in May 16th, 1995, Ibaraki in Japan) are the members of Japanese Idol group Keyakizaka46.


Rika Watanabe

      • Audition song: Ito ( by Nakajima Miyuki)
      • Favorite Nogizaka46 member: Shiraishi Mai
      • She shares many traits with the another ’Watanabe’ from Ibaraki in Keyakizaka, Watanabe Risa:

-Something they hate about themselves: indecisiveness

-Favourite food: beef barbecue
-Least favourite animal: insects
-What they feel they were in a previous life: Sloths

-Favourite four-character idiom: Ishin Denshin  (“telepathy” or “communicating from mind-to-mind”)


  • She is shy and very clumsy.  On the day of the group’s orientation event, she realised after she had arrived that she had left her carry bag at a station.
  • She wanted to become an older sister like character in the group, however, she says that they think of herself as a younger sister in the group.
  • She plays the piano well.


Neru Nagahama


  • She joined the group on November 30, 2015, announced on ”Keyakitte, Kakenai?” as the first member of Hiragana Keyakizaka46.
  • She was unable to participate in the final auditions for Keyakizaka46.
    • Her mother came to Tokyo and took her back to Nagasaki on the eve of the final audition day.
    • She cried so much that then her parents eventually relented to herself. Keyakizaka46 agency’s staff negociated with Her father that Neru became an exception to enter the group without audition.
  • She is a fan of Ito Marika of Nogizaka46 and sang Marika’s solo song, ”Marikka’17” at her own audition for Keyakizaka46.


・TIC’s tutrial, by Chief Editor

At first minutes,  I felt a little uneasy because they were so odd and the program wasn’t that interesting. But they warmed it up more than I expected! Though Keyakizaka46 is considered rookie in Jpop scene , because of their efforts and Nogizaka46’s persona. They will appear on ”NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen”,the prestigious  annual contest between male and female singers on New Year’s Eve and so popular  in Japan. I want Keyakizaka46 to change the Jpop scene by their larger popularity than now!


・Relevant videos (Youtube)


Watanabe Rika PV Individual 3rd



Nagahama Neru PV Individual 2nd



Silent Majority – Keyakizaka46





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