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Introduce the getting popular idol in Japan!

Today, we introduce underrated but next coming idol in Japan.

Immediately, let’s look at the ranking format!


No.3 Kamiyado

The origin of the group name is produced by combining “kami” meaning “god” , and “yado” meaning “inn” derived from “Harajuku”. The charm of this group is that the members are very cute compared with other groups.



No.2 Manekikecha

It is an entertainment office that manages clothing brands that produces this group. This group has good songs and sings a lot of message songs. Please do listen once.




No.1 Namaudon


This is No.1 underrated idol in Japan!!

Last time I introduced it in a different article. They are not affiliated with the office, but Their live is really funny!!!




Thx, and please see other article!



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