i☆Ris 14th Single Shining Star

The new single of i☆Ris, “Shining Star” was released on March 8. The song is the 14th single of the idol group and a new opening theme song for the TV anime series PriPara. The single is available in two editions. The DVD of the edition A includes a DVD in addition, containing the video clip and another video. Furthermore, i☆Ris will release a new album in April.

i☆Ris (pronounced Iris, as in English) is a Japanese voice acting and singing female idol group, formed in 2012 by Avex.

It consists of six members: Saki Yamakita, Yū Serizawa, Himika Akaneya, Yūki Wakai, Miyu Kubota, and Azuki Shibuya. The leader is Saki Yamakita. It is a so-called “hybrid group”, because in addition to performing as singing idols, they together work as anime voice actors. They provide the voices for main characters in the arcade game and anime franchise PriPara.

The group was formed as a result of the Anison Vocal Audition that was held in 2012 (of the six successful candidates). On November 7, 2012, the group debuted with its first single titled “Color” (on the label Avex). Their third single “§Rainbow” was released on August 21, 2013.

[i☆Ris 4th Anniversary Live at Nippon Budokan Digest]

[i☆Ris / Ready Smile!! Dance Ver.]

[i☆Ris Dream Parade]

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