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YUIMETAL of BABYMETAL, video clips of her Sakura Gakuin era

Do you know about YUIMETAL? Of course, she is now one of the member of BABYMETAL. If you are BABYMETAL mate or fan, you may already know so well about herself as YUIMETAL, but these videos still help you to know much more about herself as Yui Mizuno’s career as an idol in her younger days. You know even she is still young but her career as an idol is long since her low-teen as well as other members of BABYMETAL.

[Sakura Gakuin – Moa and Yui @ sakusaku Eng Sub]

  • Summary

This video was published when Yui Mizuno was 13 years  old, as 1st year of middle school member of Sakura Gakuin and she was fortuitously paired with Moa Kikuchi (MOAMETAL) at that time, because simply they are the same age with good relationships each other.

The beginning of the video, they talked about ”the dream they have recently had”. However, she did not talk about her dream.  She got a mail from Rinon (a member of Sakura Gakuin) that she had a dream about that  Moa, kept a hamster at her home. When she heard that, she felt so happy. It is one of her cute episode!

In the next, she talked about her worries, ”The fact that her stature isn’t growing enough”. She envied that Moa is in puberty period.

In the final, Yui and Moa tried pretend-baseball, impersonation, and drawing etc. So please check the video, you will love her more and more!!


  • About Yui Mizuno

Her official blog, managed by Amuse, Inc., a same talent management agency relates how, when in third grade, a member of Mizuno’s family was diagnosed with an unspecified “life-threatening” illness. Being too young to be allowed into the intensive care unit, she had to wait in the waiting room every day while worrying about their well being. The doctors proposed that they would play music that Mizuno listened to often in the waiting room, which at the time was the girl group Karen Girl’s (future Babymetal co-member Suzuka Nakamoto performed in the group at the time). She states that the music gave her courage and power to get through the situation, and later when her family had made it out of the hospital, Yui wanted to become a Karen Girl. During Legend D, a Babymetal concert from 2012, the group performed a cover of the Karen Girl’s song “Over the Future”. Mizuno says that moment was when her dreams came true.

  • Roundup

So tiny!!!

Yui-chan so kawaii

I never had a friend like that when I was in school. Kawaii to the max lol See U! 🙂

Yui-chan so kawaii

  • TIC’s tutrial, by Chief Editor

For BABYMETAL fans, it is rare that we have seen members appearance which they smile innocently, as they don’t have a smile at their live performance.

In Japan, Sakura Gakuin did not become popular. Even mostly Japanese Otaku do not much about the fact about her career prior to BABYMETAL. As you know, she grew up and is said one of the top idol with her cuteness in Japan!

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