Suzuka Nakamoto before SU-METAL of BABYMETAL music video clips

What do you know about SU-METAL?  Now she is 18 years old. This article is to introduce you her footage with what Suzuka Nakamoto ( SU-METAL) were like before she has become SU-METAL.

She started her career as a fashion model when she was 3 years old. Since then, she has done various activities such as being a member of ”Sakura Gakuin”, a voice actor and a theatrical performer. However, she didn’t became popular, a hard worker without any acknowledgment .

This video shows one of her footage as she was 8 years old. Her agency formed a trio called ”Karen Girl’s”. The group was introduced as “a little sister” of the girl trio ”Perfume” and sang several theme songs for the anime called ”Zettai Karen Chirdren”.

Over The Future PV  – Karen Girl’s

When she was 13 years old, she became an first batch member of ”Sakura Gakuin”. As the next video shows, after that time, YUIMETAL (Yui mizuno) and MOAMETAL (Moa Kikuchi) danced with the song ”Over The Future” of “Karen Girl’s” for the group’s audition when they were both 9-years-old.

Over The Future dance cover by YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL for the audition

Yui Mizuno loved the “Over The Future” among others. She thought that she wanted to become a member of ”Karen Girl’s”, with respect for Suzuka Nakamoto so much before ”BABYMETAL” formed.


SU-METAL fan’s comments are as below:

”90% of the people here are looking at this thanks to BabyMetal. Suzuka always had the attitude for being a great front “man” in a band.”

”One way to easily identify Suzuka….. Her ears stick out from a mile 😂!”

”Love how literally EVERYONE here is here for Little Su”

”Mini mini Suzuka”

”Yuimoa have had relation with Su-metal before Babymetal!”


・About Suzuka Nakamoto (SU-METAL)

Suzuka was signed to the talent agency Amuse, Inc. after becoming a runner-up in the 2nd Star Kids Audition held by the company.

In 2010 Suzuka became a founding member of Sakura Gakuin, an idol group created by her agency. The group members also formed so-called clubs, or smaller groups, each of which released their own songs as a unit. Suzuka became a member of the heavy music club, which released songs under the name of BABYMETAL. That group also includes fellow Sakura Gakuin members Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi.

In the spring of 2013, Suzuka Nakamoto graduated from junior high school and therefore had to “graduate” from the group Sakura Gakuin ( which consists of girls of up to junior high age). Her graduation concert was held on March 31 at the Tokyo International Forum. Suzuka now performs with BABYMETAL under the name Su-metal. BABYMETAL’s self-titled debut album was released in February 2014.

Suzuka has an older sister, Himeka Nakamoto, who is a member of the idol group Nogizaka46. They both acted together at the Actor’s School Hiroshima (ASH) and sang together as a duo known as “Tween”.

・TIC’s tutorial, by Chief Editor

We knew SU-METAL was a hard worker as various activities in her career since she was very young. The fact that YUIMETAL loved her since her younger days and sang her song for the audition is miraculous. SU-METAL’s career as ”Karen Girl’s” has historically led three of them to BABYMETAL’s success as we know it today.

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