Tsubaki Factory’s Shuukatsu Sensation music video

Tsubaki Factory’s Shuukatsu Sensation official music video has been uploaded on the Youtube channel. Shuukatsu Sensation / Waratte / Hana Moyou was released on July 26 in 7 editions: 3 regulars and 4 limited editions.

Tsubaki Factory (Camellia Factory) is a Japanese pop group under Hello! Project, originally formed with six members from Hello Pro Kenshuusei in late April 2015. As of August 2017, they are currently nine members as below.

he name Tsubaki Factory literally means “Camellia Factory”. Hello! Project advisor Shimizu Saki (formerly of Berryz Koubou) assisted in picking the group name.

The camellia (tsubaki) was “determined with praising the noble and cold beauty and wanting the group to be fresh and strong like the evergreen.” The word “factory”, also used in the name of their sister group Kobushi Factory, is named to reference Berryz Koubou (“koubou” meaning “workshop”), so that the group may carry on Berryz Koubou’s spirit.

  • Yamagishi Riko (Light Green) Leader
  • Ogata Risa (Light Orange) Sub-leader
  • Niinuma Kisora ( Light Blue)
  • Tanimoto Ami (Light Purple)
  • Kishimoto Yumeno (Yellow)
  • Asakura Kiki ( Light Pink)
  • Ono Mizuho (Emerald Green)
  • Onoda Saori ( Peach)
  • Akiyama Mao (Light Red)



  • [2016.05.17] Tsubaki Factory SOUND + VISION Vol. 1  (Indies)


  • [2015.09.06] Seishun Manmannaka!  (Indies)
  • [2015.12.31] Kedakaku Sakihokore!  (Indies)
  • [2016.08.06] Hitorijime / Watashi ga Obasan ni Natte mo  (Indies)
  • [2017.02.22] Hatsukoi Sunrise / Just Try! / Uruwashi no Camellia
  • [2017.07.26] Shuukatsu Sensation / Waratte / Hanamoyou
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