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SUPER☆GiRLS Sakurako Kidoguchi announces her graduation

Sakurako Kidoguchi, member of the Japanese pop idol group SUPER☆GiRLS, announces an indefinite hiatus from activities to recover from an unnamed physical malady. Management revealed that Kidoguchi, on top of not participating in release events for the latest single Sweet☆Smile which hit stores on April 26th, would not be updating any of her social media accounts.

The SUPER☆GiRLS are a 12-member Japanese idol group formed by Avex Trax in 2010 after several rounds of summer auditions. Twelve finalists were chosen from a pool of over 7,000 applicants with the group making their formal debut on August 7th, 2010 with their first album debuting in December of the same year. SUPER☆GiRLS were nominated for the 2011 Japan Record Awards Best New Artist but lost to another girl group, Fairies.

Sakurako Kidoguchi is a third generation member of Street-sei under iDOL Street. She is a former member of e-street group Sapporo Snow Loveits and the former leader of TOKYO Yume Piyo-gumi. On June 25 she was announced as a 3rd chapter member of SUPER GiRLS.

SUPER☆GiRLS is a J-pop idol group, and the flagship unit for iDOL Street. The group was announced on June 12, 2010; they made their major debut in December of that year. Their most successful release is their single “Puripuri SUMMER Kiss”, which sold over 92,599 copies.

On March 5 it was announced via iDOL Street website that Maeshima Ami will graduate on March 31 to pursue being a musical actress and voice actor. On April 26 SUPER GiRLS will release their 16th single Sweet☆Smile. This is their first single without Maeshima Ami. On June 17 it was announced that Mizote Ruka would be the new leader.

[SUPER☆GiRLS | Sweet☆Smile MV]

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