Perfume becomes No.1 Female Idol Group

One of the most powerful messenger LINE recently surveyed its users who is their favorite Japanese female idol group. The response was enormous, with 568,344 users responding, during the week of July 20 – 28. This ranking shows an overall count, but also breaks down the results based on gender and age.

It should come as a quite surprise that Perfume reigns supreme, followed by Nogizaka46 and Momoiro Clover Z. Male respondents favored Nogizaka46, while their female counterparts were more into Perfume. You can see the below result.

Perfume is an all-girl electro-pop trio from Hiroshima who debuted locally in 2001 and nationally in 2005. At first, Perfume had a hard time finding an audience or any success. They started off with a more traditional idol pop sound and gradually shifted more and more into the electro-pop they are known for today. It wasn’t until the release of their 10th single “Polyrhythm” that the group was elevated to a new level of popularity. Today, they are a top seller in the J-pop industry and are consistently releasing hits.

In 2017, Perfume released their 23rd single TOKYO GIRL on February 15th, the title track was used for a japanese drama show. It managed to debut at 2 on the official Oricon Chart. It serves as the first taste of the follow up release from COSMIC EXPLORER.

The year 2017 would see Perfume appear in various commercials including Toothpaste and Washing Machines. Their 24th single was used for both of these, including If you wanna being used for an ORA2 commercial and Everyday (This single’s B-side) being used as the campaign song for Panasonic Washing Machines. This single was released on August 30th 2017.

Overall Ranking

1. Perfume: 9.82%

2. Nogizaka46: 8.75%

3. Momoiro Clover Z: 8.03%

4. E-girls: 6.86%

5. AKB48: 4.7%

6. Keyakizaka46: 4.56%

7. TWICE: 2.11%

8. BABYMETAL: 1.61%

9. Morning Musume. ’17: 1.56%

10. 1.26%


Male Ranking

1. Nogizaka46: 12.78%

2. Momoiro Clover Z: 8.8%

3. Perfume: 8.55%

4. E-girls: 6.42%

5. AKB48: 5.96%

6. Keyakizaka46: 5.6%

7. BABYMETAL: 2.47%

8. 1.89%

9. NMB48: 1.63%

10. Morning Musume. ’17: 1.62%

Female Ranking

1. Perfume: 10.88%

2. Momoiro Clover Z: 7.38%

3. E-girls: 7.22%

4. Nogizaka46: 5.39%

5. Keyakizaka46: 3.69%

6. AKB48: 3.66%

7. TWICE: 2.56%

8. Morning Musume. ’17: 1.52%

9. BABYMETAL: 0.89%

10. 0.74%

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