PASSPO☆ (word play for passport) is a Japanese idol rock girl group under the Platinum Passport brand of Avex Group’s subsidiary Platinum Productions Inc. Their first major single, “Shoujo Hikou”, reached number 1 at the Oricon charts on May 16, 2011. They also are producing a group called Puchi Passpo, a 5-girl group heading to be the representative group of Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

It currently consists of 7 members. Each one has been assigned a color. The leader is Negishi Ai.


The group formed in 2009 after ten girls were selected from the Minna de Tsukuru Idol Unit contest in Akihabara. The group was named “PASSPO☆” soon after and weaved the theme of travel into the group’s concept. For example, the members of group are called “the crew” while the leader is called “the captain” and the sub-leader is called “the chief purser” with each member having their own color. Meanwhile, their live events are called “flights” while those who are attendance are usually called “the passengers” who can earn points, called “frequent flier miles”, when attending the live events. Also, their songs incoporate the travel theme and the group releases three versions of their singles, each name Business Class, First Class, and Economy Class, with different material inserted in each version.

PASSPO☆ released their first single on March 2010, entitled “Let It Go!!”, under the indies label Jolly Roger. A month later, PASSPO☆ went on their first tour named “PasTour”. The group also starred in their own variety show, Attention Please☆. on TV Kanagawa. By the end of the year, the group released their first album, entitled TAKE☆OFF.

At an event on January 2011, PASSPO☆ announced that they signed to the label Universal Japan. The group made their major debut four months later with the single “Shoujo Hikou”. They also released their first major album, entitled CHECK-IN, in December. However, Sakuma Kaho was the first member to graduate as she graduated from the group on December 30th at the group’s last live show at Zepp Tokyo.


  • Negishi Ai – White
  • Fujimoto Yukimi – Blue
  • Masui Mio – Mint Green
  • Mori Shiori – Yellow
  • Iwamura Natsumi – Pink
  • Tamai Anna – Purple
  • Anzai Naomi– Orange

[PASSPO☆「PlayGround」Music Video]

[PASSPO☆ – Perfect Sky MV]

[PASSPO☆ Premium Stage(Zepp Tokyo) 2017]

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