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Airi Suzuki Gravure Video Clips

Airi Suzuki (Suzuki Airi, born April 12, 1994 in Gifu, Japan) is a Japanese pop singer, actress, model, and radio personality. She first gained recognition when she joined Hello! Project Kids and later became the lead vocalist of the girl group Cute from 2005 to 2017. Throughout her singing career, Suzuki also became a vocalist for the pop rock girl group Buono!. Since 2015, she has been an exclusive model for the fashion magazine Ray.

Suzuki is the daughter of professional golfers Toru and Kyoko Suzuki. She learned singing lessons since her kindergarten days. She graduated Keio University SFC (Shonan Fujisaza Campus) in 2017 with a degree in Environmental Studies. Suzuki finally announced that she has decided to continue singing after ℃-ute disbands and would begin solo activities in the next spring. She joined M-line club on July 10.

Solo DVDs

  • [2008.06.25] ℃-ute Suzuki Airi in Okinawa AIRI’S CLASSIC
  • [2009.07.01] Pure Blue
  • [2010.08.25] Natsuyasumi
  • [2011.07.10] Kibun Tenkan
  • [2011.08.03] Natsu Karada
  • [2012.07.25] Koko ga Suki
  • [2013.09.25] Watashi no ∮ Key wo Shittemasu ka
  • [2014.06.25] Singapore

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