Predia is a Japanese idol group formed in November 2010 by Platinum Passport and currently consists of 9 members. The origin of the name of the idol group comes from “diamond in the rough”. Predia is a sister unit of Passpo☆ and Palet. They have a more “adult and sexy” style.

Izumi Terumi and Takeda Megumi graduated in February 2014. During their last live performance, Predia announced that their major debut was planned in summer 2014. Maeda Yuu joined the idol unit as a new member in March 2014. Sakurako released her 1st DVD Spicy Cherry in November 2014.


  • Okamura Akina
  • Aoyama Reiko
  • Minato Akane
  • Murakami Rumina
  • Sawaguchi Keiko
  • Matsumoto Runa
  • Hayashi Yuzuka
  • Mizuno Mai
  • Sakurako
  • Maeda Yuu

[The Call(Live ver.) / predia]

[predia AUTO SALON LIVE STAGE 20170114]

[predia LIVE 130707]

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