Nogizaka46 new Mouse Computer CM

One of the most popular Idol group in Japan, Nogizaka46 core members become mouse girls for a brand new laptop CM.

The five members selected for the CM are Erika Ikuta, Rina Ikoma, Asuka Saito, Mai Shiraishi, and Nanase Nishino. The five mouse girls form a rock band and sing about the laptops major selling point, providing free 24 hours support for any issue concerning the laptop.

The CM will begin to air on television starting on November 20th in Japan. In celebration of the laptop’s release and the airing of the CM, a special appreciation campaign was created for people who purchase the laptop. Up until December 31st buyers will receive a special limited edition t-shirt with a drawing of the Nogizaka46 mouse band. Further details on the promotion will be revealed on the Mouse x Nogizaka46 collaboration website.

Nogizaka46 is a Japanese female idolgroup produced by Yasushi Akimoto, built as the official rival  of the group AKB48. Nogizaka46 was named after the location of the SME Nogizaka Building, which houses Sony Music Japan’s office. Their producer Yasushi Akimoto also said that the number “46” was chosen as a direct challenge to AKB48. In addition, their associated group Keyakizaka46 was established in 2015.

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