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BABYMETAL Moa’s Strange Tube and her younger footages

Do you know Moa Kikuchi? She is known as MOA-METAL, a member of BABYMETAL. Furthermore, she is a former member of ”Sakura Gakuin”,  Japanese idol group. In this video, she spoke as a leader of ”Sakura Gakuin” to strange tube.


・Summary of her comment

At first, she spoke her secrets. When she made up an appearance in Harajuku before participating in ”Tokyo Idol Festival (The most popular Japanese Idol only Festival)”, then she wanted to take pictures by ”Purikura”. So, she told to her dance teachers that she was going outside for a shopping, but the truth is that she went out and took some pictures by ”Purikura”.

On the next part, she talked about her trouble, ‘Being the student council president forced her not to do things in a “second rate manner”‘. To resolve this, she was made to make a funny face!


Her fans comments are as below:

“What a cute trouble!”

“I don’t know that Moametal was so chatty…”

“Her invented dimples so cute!!”

・About Moa Kikuchi

Moa Kikuchi was signed to the talent agency Amuse, Inc. at the age of 8, after winning Semi-Grand Prix (becoming a runner-up) in the Ciao Girl Audition 2007 held by the company. On August 2, 2010, at the age of 11, Moa Kikuchi, at the same time with Yui Mizuno, joined Sakura Gakuin, an idol group managed by their talent agency Amuse. The group had not released its debut single yet.The group members were also divided into smaller subgroups, so-called clubs. Each club had its own musical group that recorded its own songs. Moa and Yui first became members of the Baton Club and its musical group Twinklestars and later together with Suzuka Nakamoto (as leader and lead singer) formed a heavy music club and its heavy metal-themed group Babymetal. Before the heavy music club was created by the management, none of the three heavy music club members knew what heavy metal was.

During a bus trip, Moa and Yui wrote the Babymetal song “Song 4” together, under the writing credits Black Babymetal.

・TIC’s tutorial, by Chief Editor

Before found out this video, I only knew Moametal as a member of Babymetal, so I was surprised that she was chatterbox. And I thought that it is amazing that  she was a leader of ”Sakura Gakuin” despite her young age.  So I wrote this article and want to spread her persona all over the world!.

In Babymetal, as you may think, Su-metal stands out because she sings very well, but I think that Yuimetal and Moametal are also unique in their own way. I want to know more about her.

・Relevant Videos

[sakusaku 13.06.19 – Kikuchi Moa & Mizuno Yui]




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