℃-ute Gravure DVD Alo-Hello Digest Video Clips

Cute, stylized as ℃-ute (Kyūto), was a Japanese idol girl grouppart of Hello! Project collective produced by Tsunku, who also writes almost all the group’s songs. Cute consisted of Maimi Yajima, Saki Nakajima, Airi Suzuki, Chisato Okai, and Mai Hagiwara, who were all members of Hello! Project Kids prior to the group’s formation.

They held their final concert on June 12, 2017 at Saitama Super Arena. Former members Megumi Murakami, Kanna Arihara, and Erika Umeda attended the concert, as well as other celebrities including Berryz Kobo(excluding Risako Sugaya), former Berryz Kobo member Maiha Ishimura, Momoiro Clover Z, Rino Sashihara, Yuki Kashiwagi, and Nicole Fujita. The concert was broadcast on multiple channels and also in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

[℃-ute Alo-Hello Making Video]

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